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Portland-based alternative hip-hop artist, Micah the Rapper, is a musical force to be reckoned with. Vibrant and bright, Micah is a free-spirited female rapper from the South who seamlessly blends playful lyricism with spirited storytelling. She has been honing her craft for more than a decade. Micah's diverse musical experiences, from being trained as a classical pianist to performing in a Led Zeppelin cover band, has led to an amalgam of genres carefully woven into a powerful blend of hip-hop, soul, funk, and RnB. 

With years of performing under her belt in everything from rock bands to hip-hop, Micah the Rapper fills the stage with energy, gets the crowd moving, and really creates a powerful experience with her audience. 

Micah has performed on many Portland hip-hop showcases, including The Thesis and Hungry Hungry Hip-Hop. She has also shared the stage with other great local hip-hop acts, like Avery Harden, Fountaine, Samuel The 1st, Maarquii, Perry Porter & Romaro Franceswa, Randal Wyatt, and KayelaJ. She has opened for non-hip-hip local bands, like New World Aviation Committee and The Macks. 

Micah's newly released project, Coast, merges the hip-hop, jazz, and a dash of funk  to craft a sound and musical experience that indicates she is not only well-established in her identity as an artist but confident in her ability to share her artistry with the world.

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